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Texas Roadhouse Catering service provides customers with a variety of delicious meals suitable for any occasion family gatherings to large parties. They have a huge option of starters, main meals, desserts, and side orders which are prepared from fresh ingredients according to customer’s demand. Whether customers order directly or by a third party, they give a proper service and dining experience. 

As we all know, Texas Roadhouse is an American restaurant famous for its southwestern and Texas-style steaks. It has two branches in Louisville. It is popular for its delicious food and services. 

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It does not matter that you are planning any family gathering like a wedding, birthday party, anniversary party, or any combined event, they will enable you to make delicious, amazing, and tasty food. You will surely like their catering service, and their food tastes tasty.

Texas roadhouse catering offers:

The catering options they provide are given below:


Texas Road House provides you with a great variety of starters like loaded potato skins, fried mushrooms, and Rattlesnake bites.  All these taste amazing.

Main meal:

In their main menu, they include chicken, ribs, hand-cut steaks, and seafood. The meals that they provide you are freshly made that’s why customers like to visit this restaurant.


They provide Chocolate Lava cake, cheesecake, and apple pie in the dessert.

Side meal:

As a side meal, they offer green beans, Caesar salad, mashed potatoes, and corn on the corb.

In addition to all these, they offers you catering Packages on discounts to make your event planning easy. This package includes a lot of side meals, desserts, and entrees that can be customized to suit your budget and diet needs.

Tips for ordering catering:

If you desire to order catering from Texas Roadhouse, you have to see their website, or you should call their restaurant near your location. Their team will be willing to help you create your customized menu for your event. Below are some tips for you to order catering from here:

Be clear:

When you are ordering, you should keep in mind your specific needs. Your needs include the type of food that you like, your dietary needs and restrictions, and the most important one is the number of guests.

Order early:

As you know, this restaurant is in high demand. So you must order your catering early.  Especially if you are planning any larger event so that they can get your booking.

Ask about delivery:

They also offer delivery services. So you should ask about delivery options from them while ordering.

leave tip:

As you know, the staff is hard-working and determined about their work, and they put all their efforts into making your event successful and amazing. So you should be generous and leave tips for their staff.

Catering menu:

Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu

6-ounce Sirloin Steak50$10.99 per steak
8-ounce Sirloin Steak50$11.99 per steak
10-ounce Sirloin Steak50$12.99 per steak
6-ounce Filet Mignon50$14.99 per steak
8-ounce Filet Mignon50$15.99 per steak
Grilled Chicken Breast50$10.99 per chicken breast
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad50$12.99 per salad
Texas Roadhouse Burger50$11.99 per burger
Smokehouse Quesadilla50$10.99 per quesadilla
Fried Chicken Tenders50$10.99 per tenders
Chicken Fried Steak50$11.99 per steak
Chopped Steak50$11.99 per steak
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy50$2.99 per serving
Rice Pilaf50$2.99 per serving
Green Beans50$2.99 per serving
Corn on the Cob50$2.99 per serving
Texas Roadhouse Rolls50$1.99 per roll

Catering options: 

Texas Road House provides its catering service and has a great variety of catering options. The options that are included are given below:


Their buffet menu includes several things like steaks, seafood, chicken, side meals, and desserts.

Boxed lunches:

They also present you with lunch items that include salads, sandwiches, drinks, side menus, etc.


They have an excellent option of platter items like chicken, seafood, side menus, and desserts.

All of their menu has a unique and delicious taste as compared to other restaurants. This restaurant is a reasonable option for you to organize your wedding, birthday parties, and other events catering to a suitable budget. They provide you with great options for your food to choose from. The team that provides you with catering is highly experienced and helps you organize and plan your event successfully. So that your guests will like and admire you for your catering.

Ways to order their catering:

Most restaurant traditionally provides catering services, but they don’t allow them in the usual way. Still, customers can utilize their food for their events if they want to manage their things uniquely in an amazing way. Below are two ways to order its catering:

Call the Texas Roadhouse near your location:

  • This is the direct way to order your catering. You have to dial the number of your nearest branch of Texas Roadhouse. Tell them about your event, especially the number of people, your menu, and most importantly, your time when you have to pick the menu or delivery time.
  • Their manager works with you to customize your order from their menu that will be suitable according to your event. If you have to order a large number of dishes, there are some limitations in that they provide only a few dishes in the larger order. So you just need to talk to them about it.
  • We must discuss the price and payment before you confirm your catering.
  • This is the best option for a small event or a small family gathering.

Use third-party catering platforms:

  • You can use an online platform like GrubHub and ezcater. All these platforms are in partnership with Texas Roadhouse to provide facilities for Catering orders.
  • All these platforms have user-friendly interfaces for you to check the Texas Roadhouse menu, select items, specify portions, and the schedule for pick up or delivery.
  • You can also get access to other features like real-time order tracking, online payment, and a customer support system. These will help you to check your order delivery time.
  • This option is helpful for larger events if you like the convenience of online ordering.

Thanksgiving catering from them:

They do not provide any special or official catering services on the Thanksgiving holiday. There is no information on their website or any social media app about this catering service, but there are some alternatives that you can consider.

Family meal:

On the Thanksgiving holiday, they offer a family meal bundle that could be the best option for you to feed a small family. These meals include protein options like steaks, a side menu, rolls, chicken, etc. You can order it from your nearest location to learn about the availability of family meal options and their prices.

Order individual dishes:

There is another option for you. You can order individual special menus and side dishes from its regular menu. Maybe it is a better choice if you need a specific dish on your Thanksgiving day. You should keep in mind that it may be busier on the Thanksgiving holiday than on usual days. So it is better to order your meal in advance.


In a nutshell, Roadhouse has amazing and delicious tested food and with this, they also provide you with catering services that are different from others and they handle it all brilliantly.


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