Texas Roadhouse Family Meal Menu Prices 2024

Texas Roadhouse offers several family meal options that are perfect for feeding a group of 4-6 people.

Each pack comes with a family-sized salad, four individual sides, and fresh-baked bread.

Texas Roadhouse Family Meal

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My experience with the Family Meal at Texas Roadhouse

My family and I had an amazing Thanksgiving 2023 with takeout from Texas Roadhouse, indulging in their Texas Roadhouse Family Meal special.

From the moment we placed our order, the service was exceptional. The management team at the Miami, Florida location was incredible. They ensured our order was perfect and ready on time.

Shelsy, our server, was also amazing. She greeted us with a warm smile and went above and beyond to make sure everything was just right, even though we were taking the meal home.

The meal itself was an absolute feast! The turkey was perfectly roasted, juicy, and flavorful.

The sides were just as impressive—creamy mashed potatoes, savory stuffing, and sweet, tangy cranberry sauce.

My kids loved the buttery rolls and the rich, smooth gravy that we poured over everything. For dessert, we enjoyed a classic pumpkin pie that was the perfect ending to our meal.

Shelsy made sure every dish was carefully packed, and she even included extra napkins and utensils.

The convenience of takeout allowed us to enjoy a hassle-free holiday meal in the comfort of our home.

Texas Roadhouse made sure every dish was delicious and hot, as if we were dining in the restaurant itself.

The attention to detail and the quality of service from the Miami team made our Thanksgiving truly special.

The family meal special was a great value and allowed us to enjoy an amazing holiday feast without the stress of cooking. We can’t thank Shelsy and the management enough for their outstanding service.

Overall, our Thanksgiving with Texas Roadhouse takeout was memorable and delicious.

The incredible service from the Miami location, especially Shelsy, made the experience even better. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Here are some of the most popular Texas Roadhouse family meals:

  • Pork Chops (4) for $29.99
  • Chicken Critters (16 regular and two junior tenders) for $29.99
  • Beef Tips (2 pounds) for $44.99
  • Ribs (three half slabs) for $49.99
  • Sirloins (four 6 oz) for $44.99
  • Ribeyes (3 12 oz cuts) for $64.99

Texas Roadhouse Pork Chops:

Pork Chops$29.99
Chicken Fritters$39.99
BBQ Chicken$39.99

Texas Roadhouse Family Meal Sides:

Chicken Fritters$12.49 for 6
Family-sized Salad$12.49
16-ounce Side (x2)$11.96

BBQ Chicken

4 Marinated Chicken Breasts$12.49 each
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Two 16 oz Sides$11.96

Pork Family Meals

Four 7-ounce Boneless Chops$12.49
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Four Individual Sides$11.96 each


Ribs$49.99 – $59.99
3 – 4 Half Slabs of Ribs$16.99 each
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Two 16-ounce Sides or Four Individual Sides$11.96

Steak Family Meals

8-Ounce Steaks$59.99
Four 8-Ounce Steaks (cooked medium)$16.49 each
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Two 16-Ounce Sides$11.96


Two 8-Ounce Sirloins$14.99 each
Two 6-Ounce Sirloins$12.99 each
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Four Individual Sides$11.96


Three 12-Ounce Cuts (cooked medium)$20.99 each
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Two 16-Ounce Sides or Four Individual Sides$11.96

Moreover, Texas Roadhouse also offers a range of other family meal options like Chicken Fritters, BBQ Chicken, Cheeseburgers, and Sirloins, with prices varying and significant savings compared to purchasing the items separately.

For example, the Sirloins family meal is priced at $47.99, which is a 43.6% saving compared to buying each dish individually.

You can order these family meals either by calling your local Texas Roadhouse, ordering online, or through their mobile app. S

Some locations may offer delivery services, while others provide pickup or curbside pickup options.

Youtube Review On Family Meal

A popular YouTuber recently shared a glowing review of the Texas Roadhouse Family Meal, emphasizing its value and convenience.

The video begins with the YouTuber expressing his love for Texas Roadhouse and introducing a clever meal prep hack using the Texas Roadhouse app.

He demonstrates how to order a family meal to go, which includes options like two six-ounce steaks, two eight-ounce steaks, green beans, corn, and salad for just $49.95.

The YouTuber highlights the affordability and quality of the food, showing off the perfectly cooked steaks and a generous amount of rolls with cinnamon butter.

Despite a small hiccup with the missing salad, which was quickly resolved, he praises the restaurant’s reliability and value.

Throughout the week, the YouTuber documents his meals, starting with a steak and shrimp dinner.

He expresses his delight in having steak available every day, even when reheated, and appreciates the balance of protein and vegetables.

Although he mentions that the shrimp add-on for $7.99 isn’t worth it, he still enjoys the overall meal prep experience. He shares that the Texas Roadhouse Family Meal provides better quality food than other meal prep hacks, like the Chipotle one he previously reviewed.

By day two, he reiterates his love for having steak for lunch, acknowledging that while it may seem extravagant to spend $50 on lunch for the week, it’s a more satisfying and healthier option than many alternatives.

He enjoys the convenience and the complete nutritional profile of the meals, which help him avoid snacking throughout the day.

In his final thoughts, the YouTuber praises Texas Roadhouse for offering an excellent meal prep solution that delivers high-quality protein and fats.

He acknowledges that although he doesn’t love spending $50 just for lunches, the convenience and quality make it worthwhile in a pinch. He encourages viewers to try the Texas Roadhouse Family Meal, especially if they haven’t yet, and to share their experiences and any other meal prep hacks they know of.

Overall, the YouTuber’s review highlights the Texas Roadhouse Family Meal as a fantastic option for anyone looking to enjoy delicious, high-quality meals throughout the week without the hassle of cooking every day.

His enthusiastic endorsement and practical tips make it clear why Texas Roadhouse remains a favorite for meal prep enthusiasts.


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